March 30, 2008

學生會的新Forum啟用囉!New Forum Launched for NU-ROCSA

感謝一批熱情的友校留學生協助建置了Dragon Republic的Forum,西北大學台灣學生會的MSN Group資料將陸續轉移至新的Forum,即日起請各位新生、在校的同學、校友愛護使用我們的新討論園地。


Thanks to a group of energetic students from other universities, from now on, we have a brand new forum under Dragon Republic to use. We will gradually transfer the useful information on the MSN Group to the new Forum. We request all prospective students, current students, and alumni to register as a member in the new forum and help us to maintain it.

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會長 白凱文 Kevin Pai
副會長 葉世萱 Angela Yeh
副會長 賴建宇 Devon Lai
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