March 2, 2008


2008 Chinatrust MA Program(2008中國信託儲備幹部計劃)



敬祝 學業順利!
中國信託儲備幹部招募小組 敬上
Join Chinatrust MA+ program, make you life A plus!
Over the past years, Chinatrust has developed alongside the evolution of the financial service industry in Taiwan. To align with this continuous innovative business strategy, Chinatrust has launched the MA program to develop qualified and competitive talents.

This year we rename MA as “MA+” to reflect the new mission of this program, developing future leaders with a global mindset. The “plus” indicates the importance we put on mobility, flexibility and cross-cultural adaptability as the crux of developing global managers. We offers immerse yet impressive learning opportunities for you to adopt your international exposure and to advance your capacities needed to be effective in a global environment.

In early April, our recruiting team will travel to New York, Chicago and other selected cities (if needed) to host the MA selecting sessions.

Please check the following website for more details,

Should you have any further inquiries, please feel free to give us a call by +886-2-27222002 ext.6854 or via email (

Best Regards,
Chinatrust MA Recruiting Team

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會長 白凱文 Kevin Pai
副會長 葉世萱 Angela Yeh
副會長 賴建宇 Devon Lai
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