August 14, 2008

[短期打工]台灣廠商九月參展徵求人手!Short-Term Staff Wanted in September!

(感謝IIT的 (Esther) Liu分享

This is greeting from S & J Corporation in Taiwan. We are planning to attend the IMTS 2008 (International Manufacturing Technology Show) in Chicago from September 8th to13th. Therefore, we are seeking temporary staffs for help. Now, we need 2 assistants of Cameraman and 4 helpers for S&J booth assistance. Please inform us if there is anyone interested in these temporary job openings. More details are as follows:

Exhibition Name:
IMTS 2008

Show/Work Dates:
8th -13th September 2008
McCormick Place
Working Hours:

Booth Helper job description:
a) To assist the S&J booth visitors for filling in questionnaires
b) To distribute S&J magazines and CD-Rom catalogs to the show visitors and exhibitors
c) To collect catalogs and flyers of exhibitors

*Wages: USD 80 / Per Day (money will be paid on September 13th)

Assistant of Cameraman job description:
a) To help cameraman during the show date.

*Wages: USD 80 / Per Day (money will be paid on September 13th)

Note: Hired staffs must attend the meeting at S&J’s booth (booth number is D-4053 located in Lakeside Center) at 10:00 am on the 7th of September for job briefing, booth preparation and badge collection etc. (no wage paid this afternoon)

If you’re interested in the vacancies, please contact us immediately by sending your resume with picture to tinahuang[at]

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