February 10, 2008

IMC同學敬邀大家參與"Grad-U-Date"活動 IMC Program Invite You to "Grad-U-Date"

  • 活動內容: 快來參與競標!人人都有機會可以跟某位帥哥或美女開心暢談一晚喔~
  • 時間: 2月12日 (周二) 8pm- 11pm
  • 地點: Rhythm Room Bar and Bistro- 2 floor @ Century 12 Theatre
    (1715 Maple Ave)
  • 建議門票: $5
  • 主辦單位: Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications(JIMC), 2008
  • 型態: 募款活動

JIMC敬邀大家參與Grad-u-date活動!假Evanston downtown電影院二樓辦理的這項活動將給予參與者競標與台上帥哥/美女約會一次的機會。或者你也可以來小酌一番,感受周圍同學們競標的熱烈氣氛。你不會願意錯過這個如此有趣的夜晚的!有幾位台灣學生會的成員將會上台接受競標喔!好奇他們是誰嗎?來了就知道!



  • What: Bid on a cute guy/girl for "One night only"
  • When: 2/12 (Tue) @ 8pm- 11pm
  • Where: Rhythm Room Bar and Bistro- 2 floor @ Century 12 Theatre
    (1715 Maple Ave)
  • Suggested Donation: $5
  • Host: Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications, 2008
  • Type: Fundraiser

JIMC invites you to Grad-u-date.

This exciting event will take place in the Rhythm Room Bar and Bistro located in the Evanston Century 12 movie theatre. So come bid on a cute guy or girl and if you're the highest bidder you will win the date as well as a free night out on the town. Or just come enjoy the event to have drinks and watch others bid. You do not want to miss out on an entertaining event like this. There are some ROCSA members who will be on stage for bidding. Curious about who they are? Come and find out! There is a suggested donation of $5, with all proceeds benefit the Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications.

We hope to see all of you there!

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wendychen said...

Our very own ROCSA Chairperson, Anya, is helping out Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications(JIMC) by joining the JIMC date auction fundraising event! Please come and show your support. Bid high on her to spend time with this lovely girl while contributing to JIMC! Both male and female bidders are welcome or you can bid on her as a group!

*Enjoy 25% off entire menu, drink specials and the chance to "win" a
date with a fellow grad student (make sure to bring cash or checks)

*Party Book Parties: In addition to one-on-one dates, IMC students are
hosting 5 themed, group parties that anyone can donate to attend.
Sign-up for "Party Like a Rockstar: Guitar Hero Tournament" or attend
a "Bollywood Bash" to name a few.

Sponsored in-part by:
Evanston Century Theatres, Giordano's, Fish Market, Evanston Athletic Club, The Geldermann family, Dave's Italian Kitchen…


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