June 21, 2012

Northwestern Life - 食

買菜  ($$$ expensive, $$ moderately expensive, $ inexpensive)

Asian-style market:
·       $$ H-Mart: 801 Civic Center Drive, Niles, IL 60714.  (Driving-needed)
·       $$ Assi Plaza: 8901 N Milwaukee Ave, Niles, IL 60714, (Driving-needed)
·       $$$ Mitsuwa Marketplace: 100 East Algonquin Road, Arlington Heights, IL (Driving)

·       $ 大南超市TAI NAM FOOD MARKET: 4925 N. Broadway St., Chicago (Argyle Station – CTA Red line, 5 min walking distance from the station)

·       $ 大家發 (RICHWELL MARKET. 6120 West Dempster Street, Morton Grove, IL 60053)Take Pace bus #250 at Davis station. Look out for a yellow sign on the right after about 15 minutes.

America- style market:

  • $$ Jewel Osco: 1128 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL

餐廳 A wonderful website to start your search on food and entertainment: www.yelp.com  and yelp app
  • 美式
Must try: Five guys, The Cellar, Stained glass, Firehouse, chicken shack, Pot Belly, Buffalo Joe’s, Davis street fish market, Panera Bread, Buffalo wild wings

  • 義式
Must try: Giordano, Campagnola, Trattoria DOC, Union pizza,

  • 法式
Must try: Bistro Bordeaux

  • 中式
Must try: Joy Yee’s, Phoenix, Koi, 527, Pine Yard,

  • 日式
Must try: Sea Ranch, Kuni’s, Kansaku, Todoroki Hibachi and Sushi

  • 墨式
Must try: that little Mexican café, Chipolte, Lupita’s Restaurant

  • 希臘式

  • 芝加哥熱狗

  • 咖啡廳
Must try: Brother K, The other brother, Unicorn, I dream of sweets, coffee lab, Kafein, Peet’s,

  • 早午餐
Must try: Le Peep, Dixie, Clarke’s, Einstein’s bagel, Cosi, Prêt a Manger,

  • 酒巴/Lounge
Must try: Nevin, Bar Louie, Prairie Moon, The Celtic Knot

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