October 25, 2008

Call for Proposals- 2009 CAERDA International Conference

Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association

2009 CAERDA International Conference
April 12-13, 2009

San Diego, California, U.S.A.

Conference Theme
Educational Technology: Enhancing Teaching and Learning
with Technology in the 21st Century


Submission Deadline: November 25, 2008

The Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association (CAERDA) warmly extends the invitation to solicit proposals for presentations at its 2009 International Conference on April 12-13, 2009 in San Diego, California, U.S.A. This annual event, held in conjunction with the American Educational Research Association (AERA), provides an exciting opportunity for educators, researchers, and policy makers from around the world to engage in scholarly exchange and invigorating dialogue on issues related to educational excellence and equity, particularly among Chinese and Chinese Americans.

The theme for the 2009 CAERDA Conference is “Educational Technology: Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Technology in the 21st Century.” Technology has redefined our educational processes and social structure. To better prepare students to meet the demands of this technologically advanced era, teachers and educators alike must consider the role of technology in facilitating learning and fostering cross-cultural understanding. While technology has been used in diverse learning environments and disciplinary areas to enhance instruction, more efforts are needed to understand a range of issues from the integration of new technologies to the assessment of their effectiveness. At this conference, we are particularly interested in research related to (a) the use of educational technology with the focus on Chinese or Chinese American students, and the Chinese culture or language; and (b) international studies that compare educational technology usage across different cultural, linguistic, ethnic, or socioeconomic backgrounds (e.g., comparing students and schools in the U.S. with those in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong). Within this broad conference theme, the conference will focus on the following sub-themes:

Sub-theme 1: Enhancing teaching and learning through the use of technology (e.g., digital story, automated reading tutor, using computers in Chinese language instruction);

Sub-theme 2: Assessing the effects of using technology for instruction and learning (e.g., assessment of technology accessibility, assessment of student academic achievement or social competence, evaluation of educational computer software);

Sub-theme 3: Promoting effective technology use in distance or online learning (e.g., e-learning in foreign language, online AP courses in rural schools); and

Sub-theme 4: Examining policies and other issues related to educational technology beyond the classroom (e.g., digital divide, technological infrastructure, computer security, Internet safety for children).

In keeping with the CAERDA conference tradition, we also welcome studies on other areas of research and practice that may not directly relate to the conference theme but contribute to the understanding of important educational issues in the 21st century.

For more information on the Conference Call, please visit the CAERDA website (www.CAERDA.org) or the direct Conference site (http://www.caerda.org/conference.htm). The Online Proposal Submission System (http://caerda.org/conf/?q=node/2) is now open until November 25, 2008. Please direct your questions concerning the conference to Dr. Youmei Liu, Vice President and the Conference Chair (yliu5[at]uh.edu).

We look forward to receiving your proposals and seeing you at the Conference in San Diego.


Chuang Wang, CAERDA President (cwang15[at]uncc.edu)
Youmei Liu, CAERDA Vice President and Conference Chair (yliu5[at]uh.edu)

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