December 8, 2007

Annual Skip Trip (滑雪Fun)

ROCSA is joining forces with TASC, NUSAF and HKSA to bring you the skip trip of the year! Please take a look at the some basic details:
  • What: 2008 NU Ski Trip
  • When: January 12th-13th
  • Where: Alpine Ski Resort
  • Costs: $105/person (includes rentals, lift tickets, lessons, transportation, resort stay, food NOT included)
  • Deadline to sign-up: DECEMBER 14th (FRIDAY)
  • Checks: Make it out to MICHAEL HSU
Detailed information: Check HERE, or
Please contact for the documents.

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會長 白凱文 Kevin Pai
副會長 葉世萱 Angela Yeh
副會長 賴建宇 Devon Lai
財務 Ruth Hen
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